Research projects

Below is the description of three selected reach project where Novosense has been a key partner for driving and developing new technologies essential for wireless vital sign monitoring.

EU Horizon project, Smartvista

The key innovation in SmartVista is to integrate 1D/2D nanomaterials based sensors to monitor the heart, thermoelectric energy harvesters to extract energy from the body to power the system and printable battery systems to store this energy. Together these will result in a self-powered device that will autonomously monitor heart arrytmia and respirattion. This information will then be transmitted wirelessly for realtime processing. This self-powered monitoring of a patient’s health in this manner is not currently available so the technology that will be developed in SmartVista will position us at the forefront of digital health and wearable biosensor technology for wireless monitoring in hospitals and of remote patients, both of which are necessary in this era of an aging population. The SmartVista platform enables wireless, real-time, continuous patient monitoring and delivers a seamless feed of patient data and will contribute to the EU vision of an Internet of Things for healthcare.


Eurostars project, VitalHomeHealthCare

The goal is to put a new product, for vital signs monitoring, on the home health care market.

The basic version of the monitoring system will consist of a miniaturized, self-contained, wireless wearable sensor and a receiver module with the capability to send data on the patient’s vital signs to a health care clinic located remotely. The miniaturized wireless sensor will be implemented as a wearable patch attached to the upper torso. The primary vital signs included in this project are breathing and ECG.

One of the more important technological advancements in health care in recent years is the introduction of ultra-wideband (UWB) radar to monitor breathing. This resembles ultrasound, but the energy required is much lower, and the electronics can be made much smaller, as UWB radar can be implemented on a single CMOS chip.

Eurostars project, NextGenECG

Novosense patented technology represents a new way of measuring ECG. The proposed ECG monitoring system is intended to replace today’s stationary and portable equipment. The ECG system consists of

  1. ECG Senor
  2. An ECG base station
  3. A back-end ECG system

This unique technology makes it possible to monitor an ECG without attaching any cables to the body. The sensors are attached directly to the body, and the ECG signals are transmitted as radio signals.