Novosense CardioPatch®

Wireless sensors

The Novosense CardioPatch® sensors are self adhesive and are applied to the body in the same way as traditional ECG electrodes. The sensors are wireless and continuously transmit  information to a Novosense Access Point.


  • 24-hour operation
  • Single-use
  • No cables needed
  • No sterilization needed
  • Smooth and lightweight made of a medical grade silicone
  • Easy to apply, no liner removal needed
  • Starts automatically when removed from the tray
  • Defibrillation-proof
  • Waterproof
  • 1000 Hz sampling frequency
novosense vital sign monitoring ECG tray
novosense access point for ECG monitoring

Novosense Access Point

Multi-use high capacity Access Point

Each Novosense Access Point can collect data from 16 patients simultaneously and relay the information to the server.


  • Can receive information from 80 CardioPatches simultaneously

  • The Access Point is designed to also receive information from pulse oximeters, blood pressure sensors, respiratory sensors, etc.

  • Easy to mount on wall or ceiling

Novosense Server Software

Easily configured

The server software calculates and store the ECG data and broadcast the information to the Information Centre Software.


  • SQL database for storing ECG data

  • Easy to configure

  • Up to 255 Information Center software can be connected at the same time.

server for ECG monitoring
monitors for vital sign monitoring

Novosense Information Centre

Monitoring software

The monitoring software continuously displays the patient’s ECG curves. Both audio and visual alarms are given when a critical event occurs.


  • Can monitor 16 patients simultaneously

  • Detects and gives alerts for 34 different conditions/arrhythmias

  • Supports dual screens

  • Supports analysis of
    – Trends
    – Alarms
    – Curves
    – ST