The result of research collaboration

Novosense AB started as a research collaboration between Acreo AB, Tilly Medical AB and Fredrik Sebelius (Lund University). The company’s core business is wireless sensors for medical or industrial applications. Novosense has a unique portfolio of production, sensor and radio technology.

A PCT patent has been granted for Novosense’s wireless ECG system, CardioSenseSystem®.

The company is located in Lund, Sweden, at the Ideon Science Park, which is a dynamic area for technology-based companies, in close cooperation with Lund University, the largest university in Scandinavia.

hands holding Novosense CardioPatch for vital sign monitoring

Mission and Vision

Novosense is developing wireless sensor systems for medical applications. We are currently developing and launching a completely wireless ECG patient monitoring system, mainly for use in cardiac care, intensive care, and operating theatres.

Our vision is to develop a completely wireless vital sign monitoring system.


Our Market

Novosense is focusing on the vital signs monitoring market in Europe and North America. The CardioSenseSystem has been developed for the hospital environment, e.g. intensive care units, cardiac care units and thoracic surgery units. The home health care market is a rapidly growing market with increasing potential. The Novosense vital sign monitoring system for home health care will be well adapted for this market.