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The company has intellectual properties and long experience in developing miniaturised wireless sensor systems for medical or industrial use. The applications Novosense have been developing have high demands on low power consumption, long operating time, high reliability, miniaturisation and tough environmental conditions.
Novosense groundbreaking ECG technology
Novosense's first line of products is the CardioSenseSystem®. The system is designed to replace stationary ECG equipment as well as portable ECG systems used in hospital intensive care units. The system is designed for low-cost, high-quality ECG monitoring. The CardioSenseSystem® includes disposable ECG registration and transmission units, a receiving unit called CardioBase® and a back-end system for presentation, storage and processing of ECG information.
The basic idea is to measure ECGs completely wirelessly with low-cost disposable units in the same way as today’s wired disposable electrodes. The difference is that no wires have to be connected, thus eliminating the problems with electrodes or wires coming lose. Novosense's patented ECG measurement technology makes it possible to measure all forms of ECG with disposable self-contained units called CardioPatch®, no thinker than 12mm.



The CardioPatch® sensor is applied to the body with an adhesive in the same way as a traditional ECG electrode. In contrast the CardioPatch® is a fully integrated unit containing electrodes, ECG amplifier, a radio  transmitter and means of identification. The electrodes on the patch are the hydrogel standard type used for ECG measurements. The electrodes are  connected to unique and patented measurement electronics. CardioPatch® will be manufactured with a processing technology, allowing volume production at low cost. Novosense’s wireless industrial sensors

CardioPatch® transmits the ECG signal 24 hours to the CardioBase®receiver.

The CardioBase® has a high processing capability. Advanced signal processing is used to ensure secure and accurate transmission of the ECG signals.

Pressure sensor
One of the products developed is a monitoring system for hydraulic pressure and temperature. The system can monitor a large number of sensors, display and store the data, send out alarm if threshold values are reached and optionally control signals can be connected to the monitored machine. ClipImage02