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  Eurostars projekt, E!7911, VitalHomeHealthCare
  The goal is to put a new product, for vital signs monitoring, on the home health care market. The technology should be integrated to increasing market acceptance and usability.
The basic version of the monitoring system should consist of a miniaturized self-contained wireless wearable sensor and one receiver module with capability to send vital patient signs data to a health care clinic remotely located. The miniaturized wireless sensor will be implemented as a wearable patch attached to the upper torso. The primary vitals signs implemented in this project would be 1) Breathing and 2) ECG.
One of the more important technological advancements is the introduction of UWB-radar for monitoring breathing. This technology resembles ultrasound technique but the energy needed is much smaller compared to ultrasound and also the electronics can be made really small as the UWB radar is implemented as a single CMOS chip.
  EU-project, FP7-HEALTH, EPIONE, no 602547
  Novosense is responsible for the exploitation of a sensory feedback system providing natural sensation and therapy for phantom limb pain.
Project budget is 8 M€ and project will end Aug. 2017. Control of a tool with a new technique of measuring Novosense has developed a self-contained wireless sensor for measuring the hydraulic pressure in hydro-grip coupling for the rotating tools used in the wooden industry. Project was cofounded by VINNOVA, the Swedish government for innovation.
  Eurostars projekt, E!5274, NextGenECG
  Novosense patented technology represents a new way of measuring ECG. The proposed ECG monitoring system is intended to replace today’s stationary and portable equipment. The ECG system consist of;
  1. ECG Senor
  2. ECG base station
  3. Back-end ECG system
The measuring technology make it possible to monitor ECG without any cables on the body, which is unique and there exist today no similar ECG monitoring system. The Sensor is directly attached to the body and the ECG signals are transmitted via a radio.
  EU-project, FP7-NMP, 3D-NANOBIODEVICE, no 229255
Novosense has developed all electronics for a self-contained implantable sensor for glucose/oxygen. The sensor is powered by a fuel cell using the natural oxygen and glucose in the body to transmit the sensor data, glucose and oxygen levels. However, other biomarkers could be recorded. Project budget was 4.8M €, included 11 partners from the European member states and was finalized 2012.


Tillväxtverket, Next generation of ECG sensors for critical healthcare, 00145592
Development of Novosense ECG technology cofunded by national government, Tillväxtverket.
Eureka project, 4489, BWSN
The project Biomedical Wireless Sensor Network was a consortium of Scandinavian companies, hospitals and research institutes for the development of wireless sensor protocol targeted for medical hospital environment. Novosense ECG sensor was tested in the operating theater at Oslo Rikshospital providing essential ECG information such as cardiac arrest, ventricular fibrillation, and asystole.
The project was funded 2006-2010 by Nordisk Innovation Center, medCoast, Nutek and Innovation Norge.